Lingua Consultants


Our clients include the following:

Abbott Laboratories (Pty) Ltd 
Adcock-Ingram (Pty) Ltd 
Agricultural Research Council 
Alchemy Advertising and Communications
Allergan Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd 
Altis Biologics (Pty) Ltd 
Alexander Forbes
Alliance Pharma (Pty) Ltd
ALS International 
Aspen Pharmacare
Aurum Health Research 
Austell Laboratories (Pty) Ltd 
Aventis Pharma (Pty) Ltd
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd
Bayer (Pty) Ltd 
Biotech Laboratories 
Bristol-Myers Squibb (Pty) Ltd
B Braun Medical (Pty) Ltd  
Camox Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd 
Cato Research 
Cogen S.A.
Clinex Research Consulting CC 
Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital 
Criterium, Inc
DI Consultants
Eli Lilly (S.A.) (Pty) Limited 
Ferring Pharmaceuricals 
ForeignExchange Translations, Inc
GlobaLink Translations Ltd 
GlaxoSmithKline (Pty) Ltd 
Grey Healthcare
Hexal Pharma (SA) (Pty) Ltd 
HIV Vaccine Trials Network
InterLingua.Com, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Medical (Pty) Ltd
Key Oncologics (Pty) Ltd
LeBasi Pharmaceuticals
Mirren (Pty) Ltd 
M2 Enterprises
Natal Bioproducts Institute 
National research Foundation 
Novartis SA (Pty) Ltd
Octa Clinical Research
Pharmacare Ltd 
Pharmaceutical Product Development PRA International
Sanofi-Aventis (Pty) Ltd
TransPerfect Translations Ltd
Wits Health Consortium
Zydus Health Care